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Financial Planning Services

As financial planners, we offer a way to consolidate all aspects of your financial life into one comprehensive plan.  The plan lets you see all of your financial activities in terms of how they meet your specific goals.  We provide objective advice regarding your financial situation that you may not get from other professionals who primarily sell financial products.  Our intention is to make you an educated consumer of financial services.

Although no two financial situations are alike, the development and implementation of your financial plan will generally follow six steps. We first meet for complimentary Introductory Meeting which will give you an understanding of what the financial planning process is and how it can help you in today's economic environment and the future. The next step is Goals Clarification which allows us to help you determine and prioritize your goals and objectives. The Financial Review is a thorough review of your current position in terms of finances, saving and investment portfolios, risk protection, tax management, retirement, and estate planning. The fourth step is Verification at which time we verify all of the information gathered thus far and look at "what if" scenarios to determine how certain choices affect your future. The fifth step is the creation and delivery of The Financial Plan which includes objective recommendations of what you should do to effectively realize your goals. The most important step is Implementation. We will offer you the objective guidance and expertise to help you efficiently implement your financial plan. If requested, we can recommend other financial professionals to work with you in order to fully implement your Financial Plan.

Retirement Planning

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